"Study in Jiangsu Action Plan" Press Con...

In the afternoon of August 13th, "Study in Jiangsu Action Plan" press conference was held in Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. The stage background, main contents and met…...More

About Jiangsu

  • Jiangsu is located in the eastern coastline of China. It borders Shandong on the north, Anhui on the west, and Zhejiang and Shanghai on the south. Jiangsu’s coastline extends over 1,000 kilometers al…More

Jiangsu Education

Municipalities of Jiangsu Education

Municipalities of Jiangsu Education

  • http://www.moe.edu.cn/publicfiles/business/htmlfiles/moe/moe_2792/index.html
  • http://www.hanban.org/
  • http://en.csc.edu.cn/
  • http://cis.chinese.cn/
  • http://www.c-test.org.cn/

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