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Deputy Director-General Xiaochang Ding Addresses on the Expert Appraisal Conference of the Duke Kunshan University (Preparation)

Professor Junjing Lin, director of expert group by the Ministry of Education and former Vice-president of Peking University, visited Kunshan on July 19. The expert group took appraisal and field investigation of the Duke Kunshan University (DKU) (Preparation) which was jointly established by the U.S. Duke University and Wuhan University. Xiaochang Ding, Deputy Director-General of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE), attended the conference and delivered a speech. Present at the conference are: Xiaohong Li, President of Wuhan University; Youmei Feng, Executive Vice-president of Wuhan University; Peter Lange, Provost of Duke University; James Roberts, Executive Vice-Provost of Duke University; Jingnan Liu, Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University; Mary Brown Bullock, Executive Vice-Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University; Xiaolin Chang, Vice-Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University; Aiguo Guan, Secretary of CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, chief officers from divisions for planning and development, for international exchange and cooperation, JPDE.

        Xiaochang Ding, on behalf of JPDE, warmly welcomed all experts and appreciated leaders and colleagues from the Ministry of Education and brother provinces for their long-term concern and support regarding Jiangsu’s education reform and development. He pointed out that we need a clear national medium and long-term education plan, and that we need to introduce some high-quality educational resources and run some exemplary Sino-foreign schools and programs. Jiangsu medium and long-term educational plan also requires the founding of high-level universities and it supports the establishment of research and education institutions, which are cooperatively founded by Chinese universities and international renowned universities. The People’s Government of Jiangsu Province has paid great attention to the establishment of Duke Kunshan University. Xueyong Li, Governor of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, stressed in the preparation instruction that every preparatory work should be done as requested by Ministry of Education, who gives great concern to the preparation and application work of the establishment of Duke Kunshan University. This April, Minister Guiren Yuan of Education and Governor Xueyong Li held a forum in Beijing to promote the modernization of Jiangsu education. They intended to jointly conduct the construction and development of the Duke Kunshan University and promote its formal establishment. According to Ding, there are 268 Sino-foreign institutions and programs in Jiangsu province approved by the Ministry of Education. He sincerely hopes that the two universities take experts’ advices into consideration and use their unique abilities to their respective advantages. Xueyong Li also hopes to further integrate resources and the innovation of ideas, to improve the quality and the level of communication and cooperation, to promote the connotation and brand development of Duke Kunshan University (Preparation), and to ensure the university will be formally established as scheduled. He indicates that the set up of Duke Kunshan University may provide reference of Jiangsu higher education reform.

        In the afternoon, the expert group put forward their comments: they suggest Ministry of Education approve the formal establishment of Duke Kunshan University. According to the appreciation speech given by Ding, the preparation of Duke Kunshan University has won a good start while it still has a long way to go. The JPDE will continuously promote its service to help the Duke Kunshan University(Preparation) become a model of Jiangsu higher education reform hence to further promote the development of Jiangsu higher education reform.

       Kunshan is one of the county-level cities in China which has the strongest economic strength. It took the first place at the top of Forbes regarding best county-level cities in mainland China, four years in a row. On the one hand, Kunshan makes every effort to promote the sustainable and healthy development of its economy; on the other hand, Kunshan thoroughly implements the scientific development concept, accelerates its exploration on the internationalization of its economy, talents and the city. Besides, Kunshan commits itself to set up a world-class university emphasizing on both education and research and spares no effort to improve its comprehensive competitiveness and internationalization level. Wuhan University of China belongs to the national 985 and 211 Project Colleges and Universities, while Duke University ranks the 8th in U.S.A. and 14th in the world. The cooperation of these two strong universities is of great significance for cultivating international high-level innovative talents, promoting comprehensive reform of higher education, running high-level universities and meeting the diversified requirements of high-quality education.

        In the afternoon of that day, Jianxue Sheng, Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, stopped over Kunshan and he inspected the construction site of Duke Kunshan University (Preparation) with experts group and Xiaochang Ding.

Xiaochang Ding, Deputy Director-General of JPDE attended the appraisal conference and delivered a speech

Scene of the conference


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